CWW members are expected to be active participants in their respective House activities. While specific activities may vary from House to House, they typically include periodic House meetings, usually monthly. Programs may start with announcements, then range from lectures that draw upon the extensive experience and expertise of area residents, to members reading their poetry, to community- building activities, to issues of aging, to professional or amateur entertainments, to purely social events such as a holiday party and a summer picnic.

Houses have also formed special interest groups. These groups, which meet at various times between House meetings, include interests such as memoir writing, ethnic dining, ethnic cooking, poetry writing, movie-going, gardening, discussion of end of life issues, pot-luck dining, and excursions to museums, plays, operas, and concerts, or just chatting.

The Houses’ monthly and interest group activities are informative and fun in themselves, while also further developing the sense and spirit of community among a House’s members.

An important function of the Houses is providing friendly support, member-to-member assistance needed for limited periods. This might include providing rides to medical appointments, assisting with shopping, helping with household chores, or providing meals - the kinds of things that friends do for friends.

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Community Without Walls, Inc. (CWW) is a non-profit membership organization, open to all who are willing to participate in its activities.

Building relationships helps CWW members to age well, remaining active members of the communities in which we live.

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