CWW Forum: Thriving as We Age

Saturday, October 28, 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Friend Center, Princeton University
65 Olden Street, Princeton, NJ


GROUP ONE:  Laugh and the World Laughs with You

It’s an accepted fact that laughter keeps us feeling young. The ability to laugh at ourselves may help us enjoy life more.  Come prepared to share your favorite joke, story, anecdote or pun with the rest of the group.

Moderator:  Irv Rose, CWW House 4 President
For 35 years, Irv Rose was president of I.M. Rose Associates, Management Consultant. Many of his clients were Fortune Five Hundred companies. What
distinguished Irv’s workshops was the laughter emanating from his seminars.


GROUP TWO:  What Adult Children and Aging Parents Want to Know: A Conversation

What do adult children of aging parents, often “sandwiched” between their aging parents and their own children, want to know about their parents’ aging? What role can and should adult children play in their parents’ lives, and the aging parents in theirs? How do elders and adult children plan for the future?  What resources exist to support all parties through this maze? Come join the conversation among adult children of aging parents and experienced social workers who will offer what they know about this unique time of life.

Moderator:   David A. Smith, P.E., CWW House 5 & 6
Jeff Eikelberner and Lisa Walker, “Sandwich” adult children
Susan Hoskins, LCSW, Executive Director, Princeton Senior Resource Center (PSRC); experienced in consulting with aging adults and family caregivers.
Belinda Seiger, Ph.D., LCSW; therapist for 25 years, specializing in helping individuals improve communication about health, family and caregiving concerns. Director of the OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center in Princeton, where she focuses on helping older adults and their family members, as well as people of all ages, with anxiety.

GROUP THREE:  Choosing Where and How to Live  

What type of housing arrangement is best for me as I age? Shall I stay in my home?  Live with family? Move to a senior community?  If so, what type of community?
The sooner you take steps to assess your needs, current and future, the more choice and control you will have. That is, it is better to be proactive about your choices and decisions instead of having to react in the event of a crisis, such as illness or loss of a loved one.

Moderator:  Julia Coale, CWW House 2
Ruth Bronzan, Billie Emmerich, Edie Jeffrey – Members of House 2.  Due to changing life experiences, the panelists made the decision to change residencies. They will each share how they came to their decisions and whether they are finding their solutions satisfactory. Be prepared to bring your concerns or thoughts on how and where you want to live.


GROUP FOUR:  The Future of Aging

Community Without Walls (CWW) was founded in 1992 with the mission to enhance and support the ability of each member to age well.  To do this, CWW has offered social support, information and education for members and their wider communities about aging issues, and advocated for programs to support these activities.  Over the past 25 years CWW’s Conferences have focused on 4 issue areas:  health, housing, transportation and social support.

25 years later, these issues have become mainstream, and there are more services for elders and their families.  What will the future of aging look like?  What role will technology play in supporting longer, healthier and more active lives?   Will there be a need for increased numbers and better-trained personal service and health care workers?  Will increasing numbers of elders need help with financial planning and management?  Will there be changes in the responses to maintaining quality of life, especially as health fails?  Considering aging in the context of multi-generations, as it is now not uncommon for there to be 3 adult generations in the same family, what will be the role of family in preparing for aging and in caring for family elders?

Bring your thoughts on these issues and your questions.

Moderator:  Richard Bergman, a Founder, House 1
Panelists:  Len Moss, M.D., House 3 Co-President
Lynn Maher, House 5 Representative on CWW, Inc. Steering Committee, H5 Past President


GROUP FIVE:  Staying in Charge:  An Intergenerational Look at End-of-Life Decisions

As we age, we are confronted by questions related to end-of-life issues. How effective are living wills? What is the expanding role of hospitalists in 21st century hospital care?  When should hospice be considered? How will end-of-life issues change in the next ten years? These are some of the issues this workshop for seniors and their children will address with a panel of medical experts and personal caregivers. Bring your questions.

Moderator:  Hanan Ronel, CWW House 1
Mimi Schwartz, CWW House 1, Professor emerita of Stockton University and author of the forthcoming When History is Personal. In preparation for the discussion, panel participants should read Mimi’s essay, “Lessons from a Last Day,” at
Dr. William Besser, Retired Gynecological Surgeon and Honorary Staff University, Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro.
Dr. David R. Barile, Founder and Executive Medical Director of New Jersey Goals of Care and Board Certified in Geriatric and Hospice/Palliative  Medicine.  


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