What Members Say About CWW


“Community Without Walls has been a rich resource for us - a place to find new friends, deepen ongoing friendships, share ideas, give and receive support, have fun, and experience many and varied aspects of community life. It's a pleasure to be a CWW member!”

“CWW has been an enriching experience. I have made friends who have been very supportive in good times and bad and who have introduced me to a variety of stimulating activities.”

“CWW made a big difference to us when we moved to Princeton. We knew only a few people here and it was great to be welcomed almost instantly into an entire community of interesting and friendly people. Also, we like the idea of aging in place for as long as possible and we take comfort in knowing that CWW is dedicated to helping people achieve that goal.”

“How nice it is to have a community of friends available to seek advice, socialize and share.”

“It’s comforting to know there are many people there for you when you need them.”

“I never thought I’d make new friends at my age.”

“My wife and I have found the Community Without Walls to be a valuable resource for forming much needed new friendships as well as a source of support for the physical and emotional challenges we have experienced as we age.”

“CWW has given me many good friends as well as letting me share many new experiences."

“Learning never stops in our CWW group.”

"Through CWW my wife and I have met and become good friends of many people we otherwise would not have encountered during our many years as residents of Princeton. And, it has been fun to share interests with them through groups engaged in writing reminiscences, exploring gardens, ethnic dining, and movie going. Also valuable have been programs and activities that help us age at home."

“CWW is an organization that fills many needs of our senior population. It is a support system for those of us who prefer to age in place rather than pull up roots and begin over again in a new environment. CWW provides emotional support for those who might need it, but social interaction as well, which is important, especially for members who may live alone.”

“CWW has provided both of us with real benefits, and much enjoyment. We’ve made new friends. We’ve further enhanced our relationships with old friends who are members of CWW too. But also, we’ve learned from fine, expert speakers, and by seeing other CWW members getting older, over time. Our CWW experiences have helped us think ahead as we continue our journey through what we’ve heard called the go-go, slow-go, and no-go stages of getting older.”

About Us

Community Without Walls, Inc. (CWW) is a non-profit membership organization, open to all who are willing to participate in its activities.

Building relationships helps CWW members to age well, remaining active members of the communities in which we live.

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Email: info@cwwprinceton.org
Address:Princeton, NJ 08540

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